Dr. Admore Kambudzi is the  Ag. Director of the Peace and Security Department of AU.

Admore Mupoki Kambudzi was born in Gutu communal lands in south-central Zimbabwe, and later grew up in Chikomba District to which his parents had migrated, in 1964, to run an agro-commercial venture. He was educated at the University of Zimbabwe, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Politics and Administration, and subsequently, a Master’s Degree in International Relations in 1987. He then went to study in France where he obtained a Diploma in French and later on, a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in International Relations. 

Between 1993 and mid-2001, Admore Mupoki Kambudzi taught political science at the University of Zimbabwe. He later took up a United Nations consultancy in 2001, to assist the OAU/African Union in putting in place the African Peace and Security Architecture  – this being Africa’s blueprint for promoting peace, security and stability in the continent. In 2006, he became the Secretary of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union, which is the supreme organ responsible for decision-making on issues of peace and security in Africa. Further, in January 2016, he also took an additional task as Acting Director of the AU Peace and Security Department.

Admore Mupoki Kambudzi is the author of the book ‘Africa’s Peace Fiasco’, numerous published articles in scientific journals and several book chapters, as well as two upcoming books on Somalia and the African Peace and Security Architecture.

Alongside his professional endeavors, Admore Mupoki Kambudzi has remained an admirer and practitioner of entrepreneurship, with a special interest in agriculture and socio-economic development within proximity – a concept that forms the core of his doctoral thesis in International Relations. He has provided in the past, and continues to provide technical and financial support to several local community level development projects in Chikomba District - his home district. He is a farmer in his own merit.