Current Mandate

  • To achieve the political objectives set out in the Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement signed on 8 April 2004 in N’djamena, Chad.
  • To maintain close liaison with the Chadian authorities to facilitate the peace process in the region.
  • To act as secretariat for the Joint Commission as provided for in the Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement (HCFA)
  • To interact as appropriate, with the parties to the humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement present in Chad within the framework of the AU-led peace efforts in Darfur;
  • To work closely with the MILOBS Group Site in Abeche, Chad;
  • To Monitor the humanitarian situation of the Darfur refugees in Chad and the Chadian IDPs;
  • To advise on specific measures to be taken to contribute and facilitate the full implementation of the agreements reached by the parties to the conflict;
  • To Assist the AU Mediation Team in the preparation of the peace talks by ensuring liaison and consultation with the Chadian co- mediator etc

Proposed Mandate
continue to monitor the situation in Chad in an holistic manner related to the situations in Darfur, in CAR, in Libya, in Niger.
cover the democratization process in Chad, as it may become the first cause of instability in the years to come.
The mandate should be expanded to work closely with UNAMID in Darfur as MINURCAT was withdrawn and to follow the situation of refugees and displaced persons in the east of Chad.