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In January 2009, the Defense and Security Division (DSD), started a Security Sector Reform (SSR), program in fulfillment of a 2008 Assembly decision. The aim of the AU SSR program is to assist Member States to formulate and re-orient the policies, structures, and capacities of institutions and groups engaged in the security sector, in order to make them more effective, efficient, and responsive to democratic control, and to the security and justice needs of the people.  The AU SSR program comprises 8 main activities as follows:

(a)  Development of the AU Policy Framework on SSR and other supporting documents and their publication and dissemination,

(b)  Assisting Member States in their national SSR activities,

(c)   Training of relevant AUC and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) staff in SSR issues,

(d)  Capacity building of SSR staff at AU Headquarters (HQs), RECs and AU Missions,

(e)  Setting up of a viable SSR structure at AU HQs,

(f)    Visits to potential SSR countries for SSR needs assessment,

(g)  Development of tools for the implementation of the AU SSR policy, and

(h) Consultations and collaboration with all stakeholders (other AU departments, Member States, RECs, the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU), civil society, other international partners and donors.